Watch Every Movie Released This Year in Seven Minutes


Some people have a lot of time on their hands. Those with such privilege must busy themselves somehow. Sometimes they: write songs, perform magic tricks, or, remember that guy that recited every line of Mean Girls in thirty minutes? These people exist, they’re real, and best of all, their schedule is wide open. Add a new contender to the pantheon of the time-unbound, as The Sleepy Skunk — his name, not one we assigned him — has taken every movie that hit theatres in 2013 and boiled them down to one comprehensive 6:45 supercut. ‘Cause how else should someone named The Sleepy Skunk manage his time? 

An overview: from 12 Years A Slave to that movie in which Denzel and Marky Mark blew up cars, many masked people, many guns — so many guns — worlds in peril, Blanchett in the shower, Gosling, DiCaprio, Gordon-Levitt, fire, blaze, explosion,”duck!”, DeNiro pushing Michael Douglas into a pool, people running for their lives, Judi Dench gazing off in the distance on a hill, an unwelcome reminder of that Oz movie, Jared Leto in drag, and a barrage of explosives (’cause who’s sick of those?).

Images courtesy of Columbia Pictures.