Not-So-Basics for Back to School

Whether you’re a nervous freshman, (finally) graduating, or just looking to feel young again, the start of back to school season is rapidly approaching. While these items won’t take any exams for you, they will make the transition easier.

1. RAG&BONE – Geo Print Tee



Image: rag&bone.

Just because temperatures are dropping, it doesn’t mean you don’t need T-shirts. A subtle geometric print makes this one stand out just enough.

Geo Print Tee, $95, rag&bone. Available for Purchase online at Rag-Bone.com.

2. NIKE – Nike+ FuelBand SE



Image: Nike.

This FuelBand from Nike will keep track of your physical activity to give your mind a rest from all that studying.

Nike+ FuelBand SE, $99, Nike. Available for purchase online at Nike.com.

3. PUBLIC SCHOOL – Ribbed Lounge Pants


Public School

Image: SSENSE.

Style shouldn’t stop when you enter your dorm. These zippered lounge pants will keep up your image even while lounging on your bed.

Black Ribbed Lounge Pants, $590, Public School. Available for purchase online at Ssense.com.

4. 3.1 PHILLIP LIM – 31 Hour Backpack


Phillip Lim Backpack

Image: SSENSE.

Not your raggedy old schoolback: this minimalist backpack features buffed leather and tonal hardware for a sleek, sophisticated look. It’ll carry your essentials long after graduation.

Black Leather 31 Hour Backpack, $1,095, 3.1 Phillip Lim. Available for purchase online at Ssense.com.