Watch Seth Rogen Ponder If Leonardo da Vinci Circumcised Zac Efron

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“That was a great dick!” the stars of Workaholics cheer as Zac Efron reveals his most private part to the boys, along with co-star Seth Rogen, in a new promotional video for their upcoming film Neighbors. The premise of the skit is simple/awesome: there’s one open spot in the TelAmeriCorp cubicle and the lead contenders are the two hollywood actors, both of whom are vying to impress Blake, Adam, and Anders. Though they’re initially told they both have a pretty good shot for the job, the trio quickly fall victim to Efron’s charm.

Efron takeaways include:

  • He’s plowed a lot of chicks. More than two hands worth. “You go onto your toes, for sure.”
  • He can blow up a vibe and turn it sexy.
  • He’s 26, “the best age.”
  • He’s down with the new hipsters, not the old kind of hipsters, but the kind that “surf and shit.”
  • He’s — bombshell — Jewish.
  • His dick, according to Rogen, is “f*cking gorgeous” and his balls “have a six-pack.”



In conclusion: Efron “freakin’ rules,” his body is “so hard,” and his eyes are “like the ocean.”

Just watch the video:


Images courtesy of YouTube.