Berluti Kicks Off Travel Season with Tela Canvas Baggage


Image: Berluti.

While we’re all eagerly awaiting the arrival of sunshine-filled bliss and Summer office hours, we should also be honest and recognize  that as soon as the new season hits, we’ll be immediately over it. We’re in for one hot, sweaty season, and living tied to our air conditioners — although heavenly sent as they may be — is not cute. Thank god we live in a world that people can choose to leave their everyday lives at the drop of a pin and romanticize a new life while on vacation (or what we personally like to call the month of August). The only problem? What to pack. While we can’t answer that for you — not yet anyway, it’s still too soon to start thinking about mandals — there’s only one word you need to know when it comes to carry-ons for your jet-setting: Berluti.

Jour J - Tela

Image: Berluti.

Next month the shoemakers-turned-menswear masters launch an updated release of their emblematic F500 trolley and Vendredi weekend bags, now in taupe colored Tela canvas with Venezia scritto leather, as well as two new pieces: the Jour J and the Jour de Chance. All four feature leather on handles, gussets, and pocket trims, offering an invitation to indulge in carefree idleness and a mix of high-end Parisian and Italian luxury.

Vendredi - Tela

Image: Berluti.

The pieces range from $4,500 (F500) to $1,100 (Jour de Chance) and will be available in international Berluti locations starting next month.