Get New Socks Because Spring is Coming


With the temperature outside rising, layers of down and wool shedding, and the sun’s ground-hog tease of peekaboo (end this foreplay already, weather!) we can only assume one thing: Spring is almost here. Hurray! Let the warm-weather dancing end and the brunch-researching and vacation-planning begin, just don’t get too hasty on your fashion choices. No one needs to see cut-offs on the street—now or ever—or a naked ankle. It’s not time yet, people! Luckily there are a ton of different socks to cover up your private-foot-parts with, and still enjoy the sunny season *cue music*:

  • Kenzo
    Kenzo Techno Cotton Printed Socks ($73.34): Ah Spring! With its warm rays of light shining, flowers blossoming, and clouds parting, there is nothing like it. But not all good things have to end with seasonal change. Luckily with these airy socks, you can have your head in the sun and your feet in the clouds—whoever said staying 'grounded' was a good thing? Available for purchase at select Kenzo retailers and online at LuisaViaRoma.com.

  • Stance
    Stance Rancho Socks ($12): Hombre never looked so western—or athletic. This Spring, with all your hiking and physical activity (re: from the kitchen to the TV), you'll never lose that West Coast spirt of exploratory adventure with these premium cotton and deep heel pocketed socks. Available for purchase online at Stance.com.

  • Topman Fluro Patterned Socks
    Topman Fluro Patterned Socks ($6): There are a lot of things going on in these multi-colored cotton and nylon printed socks. And if you're that kind of person (hint: if you are listening to Skrillex at 1 PM right now then you totally are) and aren't prone to strokes, these are the correct socks for your feet. Available for purchase at  Topman stores and online at Topman.com.

  • PaulSmith
    Paul Smith Classic Signature Stripe Socks ($30): Are those whirly lollipops on your feet, or are you just happy it's not snow-globe weather outside anymore? Neither? That's fine because these multi-colored knitted socks from PS Classics are just as sweet. Available for purchase at select Paul Smith retailers and online at PaulSmith.co.uk.

  • Happy Socks
    Happy Socks Orange Giraffe Print ($12): Say goodbye to any lingering seasonal affective disorders and hello to bright, happiness with these playful animal print, combined cotton socks. Perfect for any safari vacation, or to brighten up any Safari-browsing work session. Available for purchase at select Happy Socks retailers and online at HappySocks.com.

  • Marc Jacobs
    Marc by Marc Jacobs Shasta Stripe Sock ($24): Hit em with a strong color-block, even if they can't always see it, with these gold and brown striped socks. They're the bee's knee...highs. Not really, they aren't knee highs, but they are cool. Available for purchase at select Marc by Marc Jacobs retailers and online at MarcJacobs.com.

  • JCrew
    J. Crew Bird's-Eye Pring Socks ($14.50): A little bit round-of-golf after the office, and a touch of grandmotherly kitsch, these cotton and nylon contrast printed socks will add some much needed green to your footwear ensembles. Available for purchase at select J.Crew stores and online at JCrew.com.

  • Uniqlo
    Uniqlo Short Socks ($4.30): Subtly below the ankle, and smart—they're made of high-tech fabrics to absorbe moisture and keep your feet dry—these striped, knitted socks are as cheap as they are functional. Available for purchase at  Uniqlo stores and online at Uniqlo.com.

  • Cobalt Raf
    Raf Simons ($65): Sure, it's a lot of cheddar to throw on something that you'll be literally sweating in all day, but think about how chic the inside of your shoes would be! Available for purchase at select Raf Simons retailers and online at SSENSE.com.

  • Men In Cities
    Men In Cities Dates in Music Socks ($15.34): B&W aren't the first two colors that come to mind in Spring (well, unless you're depressed/us), but this culturally-significant pair of socks (one of a set of three) pays homage to important dates in music history, specifically July 20, 1965 when Bob Dylan released "Like a Rolling Stone." What better way to say goodbye to Winter? Available for purchase at select Men In Cities retailers and online at MenInCities.com.


Images courtesy of DapperQ and their respective brands.