Celine’s Nightclubbing Scent Wants to Bring Back Disco

There is no better rush than losing yourself on a dancefloor, surrounded by warm bodies moving euphorically and ~vibing~ to the enveloping pulse of the music. Apparently Celine seems to feel the same way, with its latest fragrance — simply and effectively called Nightclubbing — campaign capturing the pure ecstasy of the dancefloor. Featuring an illuminated and animated choreographed torso (no face pic here) cavorting to the tune of a French piano ballad, the new video campaign shows the reckless abandon and bliss of nightlife. The French designer’s creative director Hedi Slimane is famously known for his rock star obsession (just see anything he did for Dior or Saint Laurent from 2000-2016), so it’s nice to see him embrace a little bit of a disco era à la Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor.


Watch the Celine Haute Perfumerie campaign video above now.