Captain America for Kiehl’s: Facial Fuel Heavy Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Kiehl's Facial Fuel Heavy Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Cream Marvel Captain America East Vilage Given that Captain America’s looked pretty much the same since WWII, we’ll say he’s the perfect  spokesman for the new Facial Fuel Heavy Lifting anti-wrinkle cream just launched from Kiehl’s. Apparently, Marvel agrees and has given their molecularly rejuvenating wunderkind the permission to represent , the result of which you may now take home with you the form of a limited edition Captain America comic. We won’t give the entire story away, but it was kinda fun to imagine a pre-Captain America Steve Rogers shopping in the original East Village Kiehl’s store and our heart might’ve palpitated reading about the stores’s famed motorbike in action. You can pick up the comic in hard copy form at select Kiehl’s stores or read it now at kiehls.com

The comic aside, Kiehl’s newest men’s product is also worthy of adding to entourage of other Facial Fuel favorites. The thick cream uses an exfoliating agent made specifically for men’s thicker skin to get rid of grime and dead skin cells, immediately reviving dull looking skin. That sets the playing field for lifting and firming, carried out by Linseed extract.  It’s got a laundry fresh scent and rubs in immediately. We use it nightly before bed, so we can wake up with some Captain America zing.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Heavy Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Cream is $40 / 1.7 oz at Kiehls.com

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