M-61 Labs’ New SuperSoothe E Shave Cream

getDynamicImageImage: Bluemercury.

The scientists and grooming experts at M-61 Labs have released their new SuperSoothe E Shave Cream, an extra-gentle and soothing cream with a base of Vitamin E. Co-founders of the lab Marla and Barry Beck, who also happen to be the founders of Bluemercury, were inspired by Barry’s need for a hydrating and cooling product for post-shaving. The new cream contains seaweed and Goldenberry to help maintain skin elasticity and natural moisture retention. Licorice root also adds a brightening benefit, while the camphor and menthol help reduce irritation and redness. This unique blend of ingredients comes together to create the ultimate invigorating new product, perfect for clients with any skin type who want a fresh cooling shave cream.

The SuperSoothe E Shave Cream is available now online.