This Shoe from Native Shoes is Made from Algae

Our choices these days are perhaps the most informed they’ve ever been and the existence of brands like Native Shoes, that make 100% biodegradable shoes, makes it that much easier to live consciously. Native Shoes’ latest launch is called ‘The Jefferson Bloom,’ a shoe made from algae. Ultimately the footwear does include a bit of EVA and the rest being algae to create a durable material — slightly resembling rubber. One pair cleans 80 liters of water and keep 15 balloons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. If one brand can do it, can’t others? Stella McCartney offers entirely sustainable luxury-wear and Native Shoes offers biodegradable footwear — what more can one need? Moreover, Native Shoes’ algae incentive helps fight the epidemic rise of algae levels in the oceans.


Native Shoes Algae Shoe