The Reflective Clothing to Wear Now That it's Dark

The Reflective Clothing to Wear Now That it's Dark

Sandy’s kinda got us consumed (literally, by water in Manhattan) but we had this post all ready to go before the Atlantic Ocean decided to shack up in our town. So, not to diminish all of the crazy stuff that’s going on around here but…well, shit’s also about to get kinda worse. As in, on November 4th at 2am, we loose an hour and it starts to get dark at like 4 in the afternoon. Fun and wet and cold and no power. But, this is Essential Homme. We’re of course thinking the fashion angle. So…how to deal with so much night time (and for us northeasterners, no sun and hurricane damage)? We say pick things up with a little sheen. When the world gives you hurricanes and day light savings time, give it some shine. Think: Black patent sleeve bomber jacket.  Think: Mirrored sneakers. Think: Intricate details of piping, banding, and paneling. Come the dark cold months, reflect on the outside with some of the best in designer fashion, and while you’re at it, maybe try some reflecting of the inward kind? See what we mean after the jump. (Also, happy Halloween!)

  • 1) A Brand Apart

    Magnus Belt; $144 at
    This thick Italian leather is a luxe cover-up for the waist, powerfully accented with a solid brass buckle.

  • 2) Adidas Originals by O.C.

    Black Reflective Anorak Hoodie; $265 at
    A hoodie shouldn’t stop with reflective silver banding throughout.No, it should include orange, yellow, olive, and blue at the chest and back.  We say, "Yes, please."

  • 3) Alberto Moretti Arfango

    Color Washed Tie Driver; $475 (Preorder) at
    Because daylight savings time happens warm places too.

  • 4) Giuseppe Zanotti

    Silver Mirror Patent Sneakers; $650 at
    A sneaker with an exposed silver-tone zipper matters, but also, just looks damn good.

  • 5) Marc Jacobs

    Patent Metallic American Sneakers; $640 at
    For you budding Captain America types.

  • 6) Miansai

    Brass Anchor on Chain; $140 at
    While the watch is away, the brass anchor on a chain will play.

  • 7) Mugler

    Black Patent Sleeve Bomber Jacket; $2850 at
    A statement piece at an angle that weaves into refined opulence with every turn. Or simply, "Yes."

  • 8) Nike NSW

    Made In Italy Men’s Reflective Knit Fleece; $443 at
    The distinctive metallic shine of this nylon fabric, combined with its deep fleece-lined hood, is worth the ski-trip alone.

  • 9) Paul Smith

    Black Reflective Wool Coat; $3640 at
    Tall, dark and handsome just got a splash of neon yellow leather cloth paneling.

  • 10) Yoshida & Co

    Porter Jam Day Pack; $222 at
    Equal parts waterproof and...proof that you need a backpack immediately.

  • 11) Rick Owens

    iPhone Holder; $150 at
    You won’t have any trouble finding your phone if you allow Rick Owens any say in the matter.

  • 12) Rimowa

    Topas Titanium Multi-Wheel Trolley; $1500 at
    There’s luggage you buy, and then there’s luggage you go on trips just to show off.

  • 13) Simon Spurr

    Crewneck w/ Taped Earth Crack Pattern in Grey; $233 at
    Is it tree branches?  Is it a road-map?  Who cares? It's a sweater we want.

  • 14) Tod’s

    Pantofola New Gommini; $495 (Preorder) at
    Don’t let this loafer fool you, there’s nothing shy about this spazzalato venetian wonder.

  • 15) Warby Parker

    Sawyer Brushed Gold; $145 at
    Sure, these modern and affordable classics'll reflect light, but since your purchase also goes to helping those in need, your heart'll also shine though.

  • 16) Graphic Image

    Metallic Goatskin Leather Notebook; $98 at
    For when you're really feeling reflective.


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