What to do for November—Grow a Moustache For Your Health

MovemberSo, in between Halloween and Thanksgiving, more or less, is Movember—a month where men are encouraged to grow mustaches to raise awareness for the oft neglected issues of men’s health (you know, all the fun stuff we deal with like Prostate Cancer). It’s a pretty loosely run thing,where you can raise money or just help spread the word about some cool charities like the Prostate Cancer Foundatin and the LiveSTRONG foundation. To give you an idea, last year 854,000 people helped raise $126.3 million for these causes simply by doing mustache-y things. Our friends at Gillette have set up a cool way to make Movember kinda fun—a facebook application that’ll create a time lapse video charting your progress through the month. So you start off clean shaven and get a record of what your face looks like as the hair grows in day by day. The best part though is that each photo uploaded will donate $1 to ZERO –The Project to End Prostate Cancer. Yup. Here’s your excuse to finally grow a ‘stache guys.