Rolling with Ross: the Inauguration, Featuring Bradley Soileau

Welcome to Rolling with Ross, an intimate and on-going look into the life of artist and super role model Shaun Ross. From his words to you:

Ever since my debut as Adam in Lana Del Rey’s tale of redemption, Tropico, I have received various hate mail stating that I am “ugly” or that Bradley Soileau “hates me,” or worse, that I “hate him.” Rumors of different extremes have gone around and around, all of which I find extremely bizarre. So one day Bradley and I were working on a shoot together and the thought occurred to me: “why not shoot something that people can relate to?” Bradley has been doing so many amazing things—creating a new clothing line, DJing for Brooke Candy, etc—and we’ve actually been good friends for a while. For the first edition of Rolling with Ross, I want the world to know that we have nothing but love for each other, Lana, and all of our fans. In that spirit (and for the first time), I present you with this short spread titled Brother’s Love:

IMG_3130Image: Bret Lemke.

IMG_3131Image: Bret Lemke.

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