New: Odin 11 Semma Fragrance

Odin 11 Semma Fragrance Cologne Scent

Coming by the end of the weekend is the eleventh member of the coveted collection of fragrances from New York boutique Odin, which explores the philosophy of sample, explore, modify, model and assess (Semma). 11 Semma is dynamic; a go-getter’s tonic whose laurels use the piquancy of chile pepper, clove, myrrh, cinnamon and, for the first time in an Odin fragrance—tobacco. It’s a sweet scent, yes, but it strikes like a musk that’s percolating on a foundation of sparkling wine. It’s got a optimistic coziness that reads for fall, but a festive, down-to-Earth spark that’s even for the coming winter.

$165 for 3.4 oz at the Odin Store in New York, select Barneys and online at and