New Fragrance! Odin 10 Roam

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The first thing you’ll notice about the new scent from Odin, called 10 Roam, is that it’s complex. The first of the brand’s unisex fragrances to use incense, it starts off musky—think morning in the Brazilian Amazon, and then travels to the warm and sweet notes more appropriate for a night out in Rio. It’s not what you’d typically think of as a summer scent—no citrus, bergamot, lavendar here, but…does every warm weather scent need to give off the aroma of the Greek Isles as filtered through freshly laundered sheets? Of course not. Come warm weather, scents actually diffuse pretty quickly, so something a bit on the heavier side isn’t always a bad choice. Maybe not something you’ll be wearing to brunch, but certainly a good pick for those evenings that encompass some bayside drinking and outdoor dancing. And about the unisex part…it’s a softer musk, so she could possibly wear it, but likely no. Odin 10 Roam, $135/3.4 oz. is new this week at

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