Y-3 Black Label — First Ever Men’s Fragrance

Y-3 Black Label men's fragrance designer adidas yohji yamamoto sports elemi tagete cardamom cedar lavandin pepper patchouli vetiver tonka pine vanilla valentines day sale discount

The best thing about there not ever having been a Y-3 men’s fragrance? The appreciation of having said product finally launch, which is exactly what’s coming this February. Finally, and on the momentous decade long anniversary of the relationship between Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas. The scent opens with a sprig of gingery cardamom, pine-like elemi and floral tagete,  dries in the middle with Virginian cedar wood, black pepper and spicy-sweet lavandin, finally hold on with the musk of patchouli, leathery vetiver and sweet vanilla tonka. Just as unusual and striking as the clothing—a scent with some style to finish off winter.  Black Label will come in a 75ml bottle ($95) and will be available in Y-3 flagship stores and at What’s under the box after the jump…

Y-3 Black Label Men's Fragrance designer Yohji Yamamoto Adidas scent cologne tagete elemi pine cardamom cedar wood lavandin black pepper patchouli vetiver tonka vanilla

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