Mugler’s Newest Cologne is Genderless

26 years after launching its first fragrance, French fashion designer Mugler is re-releasing the innovative scent. Updated for the 2018 market, the Mugler Cologne fragrances will be genderless. A set of 5 key scents (each is packaged in a different bottle that corresponds to the colors of a rainbow), the collection invites wearers to mix and match and layer scents upon each other to create a bouquet of smells that will no doubt make you the most popular person in any elevator. Additionally, the designer released a lively animated clip to accompany the announcement — the comic-book-superhero-He-Man theme is very on brand, reminding us why Mugler remains one of the most innovative and daring fashion influences in recent memory.

Mugler Cologne will be available at Nordstrom stores and online starting in September and out worldwide in early 2019, ahead of Mugler’s upcoming retrospective exhibition in Montreal.