Macaulay Culkin is the Face of Happy Socks’ Holiday Campaign

Beloved holiday institution Macaulay Culkin has lent his talents to Happy Socks for its Naughty or Nice campaign. Since its launch in 2008, the Swedish sock giant has become a multi-million dollar business and collaborated with everyone from Havaiana to Wiz Khalifa. Culkin is just the latest to partner with the brand in a quirky holiday campaign.


“Both Happy Socks and I have really good taste in spokesman,” Culkin said in a statement. “But yeah, Christmas is my time of year. I get recognized 10x more between the months of November and January. I have no idea why!”


Culkin is not the first to pivot into the titillating world of sock design (remember Rob Kardashian’s plans of a sock empire?) but he is the perfect face to represent the holiday collection since his role in 1990’s Home Alone launched him into the cultural consciousness and beyond. In the ad, he is seated in his element stroking a pet iguana while wearing an ugly Christmas sweater and three styles of Happy Socks socks. And, of course, he delivers his career-making scream. A merry Christmas indeed.


The Happy Socks Holiday collection is available online now. Watch the video above now.