Maapilim Grooming Products Launch in US

maapilim 1

Image: Maapilim.

Inspired by the nautical lifestyle of the Mediterranean, Tel Aviv-based grooming label Maapilim has released its main line in the US. The essentials collection launched with a compact range of products, all based with oil extracts taken from various plants and seeds. The main collection — comprised of soap, conditioner, shampoo, and hair and beard products —  is compatible with different hair and skin types, while each product contains its own light botanical scent. Despite the oil base, the products aren’t runny, and can be applied smoothly and rinsed with minimal cleanup. With a nomadic on-the-go customer in mind, product sets can be purchased in travel-friendly doses. Later this fall, the brand plans on extending into skincare and fragrance.

Maapilim is available online now.


Image: Maapilim.