Acqua di Parma Releases Ingredient Collection Travel Sprays

Acqua di Parma Ingredient Collection Leather Travel SprayImage: Acqua di Parma.

Befitting a fragrance line born of a voyager’s heart, Acqua di Parma‘s Ingredient collection releases new travel-savvy bottles perfect for on-the-go workaholics and high-flying adventurers alike. Featuring all six of the original scents—Colonia’s Oud, Leather, Ambra, Quercia, Ebano, and Mirra—the set dances around the Mediterranean for an all-encompassing olfactive trip. Marrying design with product, the fragrances are housed in an embossed, leather case with hinged top, protecting the traditional spray nozzle of the refillable bottles that click into place for quick spritzes as needed. Wrapped in a soft, matte leather that mimics a certain archeologist-turned-explorer aesthetic, the release is a stylish travel campion based on the original scents’ fan-favorite, masculine mixtures. Hefty, dramatic, and with notes as ranging as amber, sandalwood, and lemon, the fragrances are locationally defined, stoppering locales for powerfully transportive experiences.

Acqua di Parma’s Ingredient collection travel sprays are available online now.