Lindsay Lohan Has a Super Soaker; “Damn You Oprah”


“Why is this happening?” demanded a drenched Jimmy Fallon.

“Because I have OWN on my side,” Lindsay Lohan coolly replied.

If the acronyms escape you, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) is the host of Lohan’s eagerly anticipated docu-series, airing this weekend. In fact, Mama Oprah herself appears in the trailer released earlier this week, telling LiLo to “cut the bullshit.”

To prep for what many hope to be a sizzlingly hot mess (verdict: too early to tell, but probably), the actress appeared on the still-as-good-as-premiere-week Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night. Tina Fey was backstage (it was amazing), but the real highlight of her visit was a game of Water War (just like the card game war, but with water). Five cups of ice cold water. The first to win got water canon privileges.

A sprightly Lohan began the game with a selfie before she took her first cup to the face. From there, “damn you, Oprah,” Lohan’s winning streak began. Finishing it off, “I think Oprah needs to play this game,” the actress giggled to a soaked Fallon, before mounting the water cannon. As must-see’s go, this is Friday’s:


Images courtesy of NBC.