HAOMA Introduces Plant and CBD Based Skincare

With such a heavy emphasis on adopting healthier eating habits and sustainable fashion purchases, it’s only natural that the products that we use should be as clean and close to Earth as possible. HAOMA is just the latest cruelty-free plant-based grooming brand concocted by a team of artists, herbalists, and scientists.


Going back to the basics of what skincare should really consist of, HAOMA takes to cannabidiol (CBD) for their first three products: a day cream, night cream, and eye cream. While the name of the brand comes from a divine plant in Persian culture used in drinks and rituals, the brand is focusing on the semi-420-friendly grooming-active du jour. Known for its high anti-inflammatory and calming qualities, this plant does blend both nature and science, and even art is its own particular way.




The company was founded on the principle that nature has the ability to heal and nourish the human body, mind, and spirit. From California to New York City, the brand will be marrying its main principles and reintroducing the mystery and power of plants. The brand will also support other issues including sustainability by promoting the recycling of its products.


HAOMA products will be available online and at select Neiman Marcus locations later this month.