G-Star RAW Says Yes to a Third Go-Round with Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen_SS14 G-Star

G-Star Raw doesn’t have time for your commitment phobia, they’re too busy reigniting the flame of their three-year relationship with Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen for their soon-to-launch SS’14 campaign. If being ranked the number one player in, oh, say, the whole wide world, weren’t enough, why not partner with some denim mavericks? And just how good is this guy? Let’s just say he began his tenure as world’s #1 at the ripe ‘ole age of 13. What were you doing at 13? Undoubtedly lesser cool things. And surely your name is not as cool as Magnus.


The Spring/Summer 2014 RAW campaign will go live across the globe mid February 2014, debuting on g-star.com.