WATCH: Casey Neistat Travel with Style for J.Crew

Video: J. Crew.

You may not immediately remember his name, but if you have a Facebook account or an Aunt that loves to email, then you’ve probably seen something by the filmmaker Casey Neistat. Last December his viral video “what would you do with $25,000?” showed just how far a cushy marketing budget could go to help people in need (in that case, the people of the Philippines displaced by typhoon Haiyan). Now, in conjunction with J.Crew, Neistat’s latest video Travel With Style starts off with another huge marketing budget, but for a slightly different purpose. This time the director shows literally how far a suit can travel. From Ixtapa to Big Bear and snowboarding to surfing Neistat travelled 11,000 miles wearing J. Crew’s specially woven, three-ply Italian wool, wrinkle-resistant Ludlow Traveler suit. While it’s no relief effort, it does look certainly is fun. And hey, that suit can hold!