Louis Vuitton Is Releasing a Collection of Updated City Guides

Since its inception in 1854, travel has remained at the heart of Louis Vuitton‘s legacy. Celebrating its globetrotting reputation, the designer is releasing an updated collection of its City Guides for the holidays.


Louis Vuitton published the first editions of its 30 City Guides in 1998 but is updating them for 2019 since a lot has changed since the turn of the millennium. Each guide has been edited with additional travel destinations as chosen by a roster of global journalists. Some of the available guides include Beijing, Lisbon, London, Moscow, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seoul, Singapore, and Tokyo.


The designer is also releasing two additional book collections: Travel Books and Fashion Eye. The Travel Books set includes additional odes to beloved cities around the world, while each Fashion Eye title features photographs that best capture and reflect different destinations.


The Louis Vuitton City Guides, Travel Books, and Fashion Eye books are available in stores and online now.