The Fragrance Kitchen Honors Royalty with New Fragrance

Image: The Fragrance Kitchen.

Majed Al-Sabah, the undisputed “Sheikh of chic,” has spent much of his life traveling the world wherever his entrepreneurial flights of fancy take him. So when he says that everyone always tells him he smells wonderful, he really does mean everyone. His secret? The Fragrance Kitchen, the olfactive home base for all of the perfume blends Al-Sabah has collected, and most definitely worn, over the years. The latest offering, Sheikh Hamad Al-Thani, named for the former Emir and Prime Minister of Qatar, is a limited edition fragrance that blends rich, wholesome scents – amber, cedarwood, leather – with offerings of an oriental, airy nature – ylang ylang and bergamot. The resulting concoction is immediately transportive, the initial notes a stark reminder of a historical Qatar – one of desert and water. As the scent blends, it opens up to a new, lighter breath, a tribute to the Qatar of today, a thriving metropolis. Wrapped up in a frosted, matte-white bottle with faint Arabic writing gleaming on the surface, Sheikh Hamad Al-Thani is a true royal amongst today’s fragrance offerings.

Sheik Hamad Al-Thani is available for a limited time, exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman.