The Biocompatible & Affordable Grooming Line You Need

The grooming market is loaded with products full of powerful ingredients but somehow it doesn’t always consider biocompatibility, which refers to the safety level between the skin and active formulations. Even more concerning, any products contain unsafe levels of PH and use formulas that are ultimately unsafe for the skin. A new brand is hoping to change that — meet Naturium, a clinically effective and biocompatible skincare line that will change the course of skincare.


Naturium’s thoughtful formulas are plant-powered, non-toxic, vegan, free of parabens, fragrances, and toxins, and all the good stuff a modern product is supposed to be. By following these fairly thorough criteria, the brand is able to create products loaded only active ingredients the skin actually needs. The result is a limited range of 11 products that cover all your bases — a cleanser, an array of serums, oils, and retinol cream all at an accessible price point.