New Art at Prada SoHo

Prada Soho Epicenter Nude Women  Santi Moix

The Prada SoHo Epicenter has some new art that’s worth popping in to see. Artist Santi Moix has completed a 200-ft long mural that plays around with the store’s iconic reclining nude woman. “The idea was to try to create a kind of tattoo for the reclining giant. I approached the light and dark parts of the body as different kinds of landscapes. Chiaroscuro. Where there was darkness I tried I bring life and light. On her hair I created a wild sea. Parts of her body were like traveling over a great desert. Her hands and fingers — where I began — and her feet and toes — where I ended — were celebrations of beginnings and endings, of freedom. The length of this relaxed and melancholy body is transformed into a journey. The final image is a fantastical world in accordance with the beauty of the woman.” Moix explains that the work does not tell one particular story, but rather many stories melded together into a surrealistic narrative. Some of the stories, which include imagery of animals, old-world Europe, insect and aquatic worlds, are easy to decipher while others provoke a more thoughtful analysis. It’s on view from now until August 31st.