Ryan Reynolds' Gant Rugger Morning Moment

Ryan Renolds Gant Rugger The Croods

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Ryan Reynolds provided a fine example of how to do the whole “just rolled out of bed” thing with some sophisticated grace this morning in London in some Gant Rugger. Specifically, the use of Gant Rugger’s glencheck pants. Ostensibly, they’re for more formal, business-like occasions, but it looks like they dress down beautifully when paired with some worn in Chuck Taylors and black-all-over shades. The rest of the look is classic, staple versatility  Every man should have that perfect v-neck sweater and simple light spring jacket (here, Gant Rugger Weeds Jacket) on the go at all times. The only thing missing from this look is a gigantic cup of coffee. Ryan Reynolds is in London for a screening of his latest film, The Croods.