GANT Rugger Goes Foodie

Its an old myth that food and fashion don’t mix—just note all the models stuffing their faces with all sorts of confectionary delights backstage at fashion week and you’ll know this much is true. But GANT Rugger is taking fashion’s secret love of food to the next level with their Autumn 2012 collection which is so boldly inspired by the restaurant industry. Designer Chris Bastin has, uh, cooked up a collection based on the “Chef”—focusing on GANT’s casual American sportswear heritage, and the “Restauranteur”—focusing more on tailoring and modern fits. They’ll also produce custom chef’s knives and selvedge denim aprons to which we can’t wait to spruce up our kitchen. GANT Rugger took to Foodie fave, The Fat Raddish on New York’s Lower East Side last night, to celebrate big with the likes of Douglas Friedman, Nick Sullivan, Brian Boye, Tennessee Thomas, Nick Wooster and the restaurant’s creators/owners Ben Towill and Phil Wisner.

Dinner Party