7 For All Mankind Spring 2013 + James Franco: Choose Your Own Adventure

7 For All Mankind James Franco Beautiful Odyssey Spring 2013 Campaign

7 For All Mankind is stacking your directing abilities up with those of James Franco. Through the month of March, 7 For All Mankind will release three interactive trailers that coincide with questions that allow you to vote for the direction you want the storyline to take. The outcome will be a new “Audience Cut” edition of the brand’s Spring 2013 campaign, called A Beautiful Odyssey. The story explores the concept of love & connectivitiy symbolized through an aspirational white wedding and the sensual surroundings of a California beach at sunset.  Over the course of a day and a night, the story provides a glimpse into the most intimate and sacred moments of a couple’s relationship; basically, you get to crash and say what happens to the budding couple. The campaign culminates with an exclusive screening of James Franco’s Director’s Cut along side the audience cut on April 25th, 2013 in Los Angeles. In addition to the 3 Chapter videos, 7 For All Mankind will be hosting a series of live-stream after parties to air after the release of each chapter video, where you can tweet questions to be answered live by key fashion influencers and members of our Spring ’13 campaign. For the first live-stream, Peter Vack will be interviewed by 2 high-profile fashion influencers on Tuesday, March 19th. Check the first video and find out where you can screen the final cuts post jump.

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