Plantation 3 Stars: A White Rum To Get You Through Winter


Plantation 3 Stars White Rum

Ok, so white rum is nothing new. Almost all the rum companies have one, but there’s something utterly special about Plantation 3 Stars. In a technique only performed by spirit masters Cognac Ferrand, this spirit uses the very best aged rums from around the Caribbean and Latin America that are then brought back to Cognac HQ to be refined for a second aging in their own Cognac barrels. Cool, but what really, truly makes it so different than the all the rest might be its unique blending of not one, but three different rums—from Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica—each with its own characteristics. And now the name explained.  (The blend will be explained, after the jump.)

Plantation 3 Stars was born when Cognac Ferrand proprietor Alexander Gabriel took a stab at carbon filtering a 3-year aged Trinidad rum—keeping its white color, removing heavier tannins, but preserving the aromatics developed and refined by aging.  Un-aged rums from Barbados and Jamaica were blended together along with a 12-year aged Jamaica rum (a pretty pricy ingredient, and alas, a key ingredient) to the batch.

Profoundly vibrant (aka: zing at first sip) and well-balanced (aka, a zing you can keep sipping on), Plantation 3 Stars integrates the finesse and style of Trinidad and Barbados the distinct character and fuller flavors of Jamaica. On the nose it has delicate notes of tropical fruits intertwined with brown sugar and ripe banana. On the palate it displays subtle spices and floral notes with a finish of sugar cane and vanilla. And while it’s a white rum, some of the blend is aged and goes like this: 3 year aged Trinidad + unaged Barbados + unaged Jamaica + 12 year aged Jamaica.  This rum exemplifies the expert blending techniques of Cognac Ferrand making 3 Stars heady, rich and delicious, perfect for keeping this summery drink on your more wintery cocktail menu.