Ernest Alexander SS’14

Ernest Alexander claims his Spring 2014 Collection was inspired by his youth spent in Venice, and it’s not hard to pick out the Continental theme running through the collection. Bright colors, that staple of Franco-Italian dressing, predominate, with bursts of burnt orange and flashes of deep green, and above all else a dominant showing by the color blue, which appears in many shades, from the navy of a sober business suit to the sky of a more leisurely suit. Prints are also frequent, with an anchor print adoring a casual shirt and a brilliant blue-and-white floral pattern speckled across a double-breasted blazer. Mr. Alexander uses color and pattern to put us at ease, to remind us that the Springtime is a time of renewal. We are meant to cast off the dourness of winter, to see the new life blossoming around us, and to join in the regrowth.