Because You're Kinda Lazy: Pure Flow Fitness

Pure Flow Fitness Vibration

Summer’s way over so isn’t it about that time of year to break up with your gym? Or at least mutually agree on a separation? It’s been a good run but she’s getting kinda needy, cranky…and judgmental. Don’t you wanna see what else is out there? Uh…well…ok. So truth be told, we recently cheated on our gym with some minx-y, doting young thing called Pure Flow Fitness—a svelt and exclusive health spa that’s just opened in New York City—one on Madison Ave for those Uptown boys and another on West 15th street for you Chelsea guys. Anyway, we love our gym, but Pure Flow’s way more lust worthy. And doesn’t yell at us for being lazy. As in, here, they’ve got something called the Pure Flow Vibration machine—a space tube adorned with high frequency vibration technology that causes rapid muscle contractions. 25 minutes of lying there, reading your iPad, amounts to a 5 mile jog. So real that it left us sore for a few days after. It also left us feeling aerated in the brain, meaning fully awake and energized—not at all like that tired-post jog zing but more like the jolt you get from having pure oxygen piped directly into every molecule of your body (another feature the spa also happens to offer). Which makes sense since  the Pure Flow Vibration machines were initially used to treat cardiovascular issues in hospitals and specialized doctor’s offices. CEO and Founder Andrew Luke Barile, CMO and Partner Roger Moenks partnered up with cardiologist Dr. Samir Shah to bring this technology to those of us who’d like to do a little relaxing while toning. (On a side note, it’s supposed to be wonderful for erectile dysfunction…just saying….) Anyway, you can go regularly (for not at all cheap—the intro rate is $495 for 5 sessions. Regularly it’s 1 session for $200 up to 35 sessions for $3,150) or just hit it up when you’re in NYC for business, it also does a phenomenal job at curing jet lag ($255 for a 3 day jet lag package).