Paul McCartney Can’t Sit Still at a Lakers’ Game

Paul McCartney & Nancy Shevell Share A Kiss At The Clippers Game

Image: Daily Mail.

At 71, Paul McCartney is showing no signs of wear or tear in his seven-decade spanning career. This past weekend, the legendary singer was out and about in the City of Angels, spotted with his wife Nancy Shevell (who — random — is Barbara Walter’s second cousin) at an LA Lakers Game.  Wouldn’t you know it, halfway through the game the kiss cam found its way over to the two, and you can guess both by the above picture and the implication of the design of the kiss cam what transpired next. Still stumped? Here’s video (hint: they kiss):

Video: Daily Mail.

That seemed pretty awesome, until he got up and did this, which recalibrated McCartney’s threshold for awesome:


GIF: Daily Mail.