Dennis Rodman is the Face of Moose Knuckles Fall ’19

NBA legend and fashion icon Dennis Rodman is the star of Moose Knuckles‘ frosty Fall ’19 campaign. In the cinematic visuals, inspired by the Mexican cult film The Holy Mountain, Rodman and a myriad of talent are photographed at the Sacred Glacier, an ice mass in deep Northern Canada. The campaign is further influenced by the seven disciples and features several haunting scenes, including a group of people seated around a pentagram-shape seemingly pledging the Cult of Rodman while another shot features the basketball star donning a marabou robe in all his flashy majesty. The range of outerwear is as sturdy and stylish as ever — plush fur-lined contrasting collars and glossy shearling coats ensure that come next season, your outwear is as sleek as it is durable.


Check out some images from the campaign in the gallery above.