New: Topman Cuffed

Topman Cuffed Sub SportIf you never thought good pair of tapered sweatpants would actually be the epitome of street style, then think again. It was a trend we noticed all over the runway (yes, runway) at Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week and one that the people at Topman apparently noted as well. This is evidenced in the very first launch item in their new Topman Sub Sport line—Topman Cuffed. The taper is slight, and stitched in closer to the calves—much less severe than those harem pants that have been popping up for a while. What’s great about topman cuffed is that they fit within the barriers of a bold new menswear look, but don’t overdo the mold. If you’re curious about experimenting with sweatpants, here’s a good place to start. Our Essential Homme advice – pair them as you would a pair of colored denim, chinos or khakis, not how you’d typically wear sweats or even jeans, though by all means, rock out your sneaks. Check out the selection at topman.com.