Underground Japanese Fashion Unearthed

They say every cloud has its silver lining and in the case of Japan, said lining seems to have been sewn by the hands of New York City’s fashion elite. In the wake of last year’s devastating earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdown, all around mens fashion guru Nick Wooster and PROJECT President Andrew Pollard went to Tokyo with the goal of unearthing some of the country’s most overlooked fashion treasures. What they found is not only stunning, exhilarating, abjectly handsome and utterly fresh, but effuses hope that in the power of Japanese innovation, there will always be a light coming from “The Land of the Rising Sun”. Check out video and images from their big unveil at PROJECT Las Vegas after the jump.

PROJECT Wooster February 2012 Preview

PROJECT Wooster February 2012 Preview from PROJECT on Vimeo.

PROJECT Wooster Las Vegas Recap

PROJECT Wooster Las Vegas Recap from PROJECT on Vimeo.