Club Monaco: Better Late Than Never!

“Fashionably late” really only works when you arrive fashionably attired, so its safe to say that it will be a fashionably late arrival for Club Monaco to the e-commerce game when they launch their US online store on Monday, March 26th! (More after the jump)

Yes its possible that big retail players still don’t have online stores in 2012. According to the Monaco team, the website won’t just offer the full assortment of the brand’s clothing, but it will have exclusive products made only for the website and editorial content. To celebrate, the company will take care of all shipping and handling fees through April and are giving their Facebook fans an advanced peak at the online store starting on Friday, March 23rd. The first pieces available for sale will be from the forthcoming Spring 1 2012 collection, featuring collaborations with Ernest Alexander and Rancourt, which you can drool over (without fear of impulsive shopping) below.