Murano Glass Perfume Launch by Valmont

The latest from the Swiss-made brand Valmont is a Venetian line Le Storie Veneziane, dubbed as “an haute couture fragrance collection.”

The collection features five scents that each represent a different aspect and neighborhood of the Italian floating city. The scents take a trip through the the morning lush scents of leafy Venice parks represented by the Verde Erba I flacon all the way to a sexy eventing patchouli scent that invokes oriental notes from Campo San Moisè in Blue Cobalto I.

Each bottle is designed with a simple golden coating and adorned with a leather cap that matches the color of the handmade Murano glass face on the front of the bottle. It is a statement piece all its own — a piece of jewelry that bottles a beautiful cocktail in an almost-nostalgic, familiar way.

Le Storie Veneziane will be available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue’s flagship store in NYC from May 22 through August 2018 for $420 (100ml) and $210 (8.5ml).

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