These Mighty Pimple Patches Will Save the Day

Image: Hero Cosmetics.

Stress pimples continue to be the bane of my existence since life is one stressor after the other. And despite following a pretty efficient skincare routine, (face wash daily, moisturizer before heading out, eye cream at night, etc) these zits will continue to pop up unexpectedly like unwanted DMs.

That’s where the Hero Cosmetics’ Mighty Patch comes in. Each box set comes with 36 patches that can be placed directly onto individual blemishes for a minimum of 6 hours (or when the patch turns white) for instant acne relief — a friend told me that ‘they just suck all the puss out’ which is a little gross, but exactly what I need from my acne solutions. The scientific explanation, however, is that the key ingredient is Hydrocolloid, which is used for absorbing bacteria and bad stuff from wounds and containing it in a gel seal. That explains why the patch turns white. And since they’re pretty small and subtle, you can wear them out or save them for night time for pimple relief while you sleep.
You: 1, Pimples: 0.

The Mighty Patch is available online now.