John Masters Organics Scalp Stimulating Shampoo

Spearmint-&-Meadowsweet-Scalp-Stimulating-ShampooImage: John Masters Organics.

It’s not enough to pamper the locks you already have; for truly healthy hair, you’ve got to start at the root. John Masters Organics brings you the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo to do just that. The shampoo’s six certified-organic ingredients—including eucalyptus oil, spearmint oil, meadowsweet extract, zinc, soy protein, and guar gum—echoes the brand’s commitment to being as natural and eco-friendly as possible. The product aims to remove excess oil and to stimulate the scalp, leading to hair growth and attempting to slow the process of hair loss. For optimal strength, pair the shampoo with the John Masters Organics’ deep scalp purifying serum and the deep scalp follicle treatment & volumizer.

John Masters Organics’ Scalp Stimulating Shampoo is now available online.