GANT By Michael Bastian Spring 2013: Tilda Swinton, the Galapagos and a Baja

“My boyfriend and I watched this amazing BBC Documentary about the Galapagos Islands, narrated by Tilda Swinton. And my boyfriend is also Ecuadorian, so that’s what inspired this collection”—Michael Bastian says things like this, which, you know, makes us love the man as much for his ability to find inspiration as his tip top collections. So, yes. The voice of Tilda Swinton is sewn into almost every garment of the collection, which isn’t so much an homage to native Ecuadorian style as it is to the unruly bunch of early 20-somethings (and maybe Wiki Leaks’ Julian Assange) who are known to invade the South American country’s shores in search of adventure and partying. You’ll see the Ecuadorian influence in the collection’s bright pops of colors and Incan patterns sprinkled about, less in the fabrications (we do kinda wish there had been some South American textiles like alpaca or more native type prints)  And Bastian takes us back in time with an actual baja, which may be kind of an Ecuadorian thing but is also a natural cross over from his Fall 2012  80’s college-years inspired collection—”Ah, I’ve been dying to do that, the old college pot smoking sweater. They used to be so scratchy like you could scrape the paint off your car with one. This is a nice cotton one!”


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