GANT by Michael Bastian Spring 2012 Campaign

March is good for two things: Daylight Saving Time (That’s March 25th) and the full-on arrival of the most highly anticipated Spring 2012 collections. Tis the month the sun finally stays out past dinner time and when the foundation for your entire Spring/Summer look begins to take hold—Which colors will you sport? What shapes? What pieces can you reuse from last summer and what needs to be updated. In short—March is the month where you finalize the inspiration that will eventually become the timely sartorial statement that you look back upon in photos years later (and hopefully won’t laugh at). To help sort all the possibilities, check out some of the behind the scenes shots from the GANT by Michael Bastian’s Spring 2012 campaign. He looked back to early 70’s Hawaii Kitsch and gave it a contemporary flare with a smart and casual fits. Now that’s a look that Summer will never dislike.