Five of the Web’s Freshest E-Comms to Make Shopping Bearable


Image created by Kathy Zhang.

As temperatures outside rage from warm to hot to “goodbye cruel world” —#hasthtag something about global warming—it’s easy to ignore anything that involves leaving your apartment. Groceries? Who needs them. Gym? Smell you later! Fortunately with the recent roll-out of new and high-end e-commerce sites for your closet, you can continue looking your best without sweating out a week’s worth of liquids. So for the time being say bye to Barneys—offline anyway—and hello to your new friends.



Image created by Kathy Zhang.

Blending e-commerce with editorial, the new online Carven flagship re-booted last week with some major updates, including U.S. shipping (about time, huh?), a pre-ordering program in conjunction with the Parisian house’s Spring/Summer 2015 men’s runway show (June 26), and Cahiers de Carven, an inspiration section that unveils the stimuli that goes behind each collection. Online item favorites include the Carven’s “Painting” Sweater and Printed Polo Piqué.



Image created by Kathy Zhang.

It’s been a long year and a half since Etro first launched it’s online boutique for European customers only, but now the wait is over and the new Etro.com is now officially North American friendly. In addition to the brand’s Fall/Winter 2014 line, the new portal includes brand new digital products like Alfabetro, Etro’s online magazine, and an Art Gallery dedicated to contemporary talents and classic treasures. Online item favorites include Etro’s Blue Gray V-neck Sweater and Paisley Lined Wallet.



Image created by Kathy Zhang.
Launched this past Tuesday, on the morning of his Spring/Summer 2015 men’s runway show (yes, you read that correctly), Jonathan Anderson’s first dive into the world of digital shopping comes at full force, bringing along with edgy and androgynous fashion, a blog personally-managed from Anderson himself. Online item favorites include J.W. Anderson’s Camel and Navy Duo Crew Neck and Art Deco Cuff.



Image created by Kathy Zhang.

If the name didn’t emphasize the serious content, there’s no fish-y business allowed on Kenzo’s new astrology platform—we’re kidding!—a digital outpost that pairs your astrological status with hilarious illustrations from Julien Ceccald and the Parisian brand’s trendiest of sweaters. Online item favorites include Kenzo’s Square Waves Shorts and Small Tiger Watch.



Image created by Kathy Zhang.
Paying homage to its homebase of New York City, BESPOKEN’s just re-launched website features a new M2M component, allowing customers for the first time ever to recieve uniquely tailored garments from the Savile Row-inspired brand. Online item favorites include BESPOKEN’s High Top Sneakers and CKND Ring.