Cameron Diaz’s First Five Days on Twitter


Cameron Diaz (of The Mask fame, of There’s Something About Mary fame, of The Sweetest Thing fame, one third of the revamped Charlie’s Angels, and just a general sexpot/Hollywood obsession) joined Twitter last Friday (11/09/2013).


“Liver and lover of life; professional laugher, eater, make-believer.”

Big deal? Yes and no. No for the obvious reasons: Twitter is demoralizing. But yes, yes a little bit when any star of her caché decides to join social media (See: Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s recent entry into the Twitter-sphere). Cameron Diaz, seemingly out of nowhere, crash landed on planet Twits at 1:38PM EST announcing:

It didn’t take her long to see the light:

Having a little fun with Internet wordplay, eh?:


Yesterday, things got real:

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Images courtesy of Columbia Pictures Bad Teacher.