Burly Beard Softener

Burly Beard Softener Precision Barber Club Shave Face Wash All Natural

Fact: Beards look rugged but they are actually high maintenance. Think about it; despite making it look like you could care less about products, beards are coarse and unruly. And if you ever hope to be kissed, yours needs to be tamed. That won’t happen just by waking up.

There’s no shortage of products promising to chill your bristle, but an innovative new product from Precision Barbers, a small independently owned Miami based men’s barber shop, have taken beard maintenance a bit further, without adding any steps—Burly 3N1 is a brand new, all-natural beard softener that’s also a face wash and shave gel.

Within the bottle there’s a small amount of Keratin that is infused with rose seed oil that adds healthy luster and softens gruff facial hair over time. The rose seed oil, also a natural astringent, does double duty work keeping the skin under your scuff clean. Seaweed extracts, vegetable glycerin and olive oil castle are all moisturizing agents that infuse the clear gel with properties that are prime for smooth shaving.

Unlike traditional beard softeners, Burly 3N1 should be used like a wash, meaning lather it on with some water and then rinse off after about 30 seconds to a minute. And when you or your loved one tires of dealing with a follicular-ly feathered face, treat it just as you would a regular shave gel. Lather, shave and rinse.

One bottle, no fuss, we’re in.

Burly Beard Softener is $38 at precisionbarberclub.com