Agnès b + Julien Langendorff: Your Halloween Look Right Off the Runway

Agnes B Julien Lagendorff

Well, there’s not much we can say other than this Fall 2012 Agnès b look is absolutely, uh, ghoulish. In all the right ways. Actually, no, we can say more! It’s made in collaboration with one Julien Langendorff, a plastics technician/musician/artist, who mainly works with drawings, collages and mysterious installations. You might know him as the co-director of a spooky art-house video/movie called Pillars of Fire with Jason Glasser and co-composer of the soundtrack with the singer Matteah Baim, or for the works he exhibited at Galerie du Jour agnès b. back in April 2009. So, yeah, if you wanna do Halloween in style, here’s one such way to accomplish that. The kill? It’s only $95.