Brooks Brothers + Red Wing Heritage Boots: At Least Two Things You Need to Know


Brooks Brothers Red Wing Heritage Boot 4553 1

What’s more American than Apple Pie, George Washington and maybe Katy Perry’s cupcake exploding bra? Not much, but up there is a new limited edition collaboration between two iconic American brands—Red Wing Heritage and Brooks Brothers—that launches exclusively at Brooks Brothers on October 20th. The collab, which is quite simply called the Heritage Boot 4553, takes Red Wing’s traditional 6″ moc-toe shape and adds durable Halley Stevensons tartan plaid oilcloth in the quarter panel, upping the style factor in a way that’s also sensible. Hard not to love. More news—the Heritage Boot 4553 will launch starting tomorrow (October 11), at a history making traveling trunk show that’ll have, for the first time since the early 1900’s (not a typo) direct sales from actual, real-life Red Wing representatives of the entire Red Wing Heritage collection. Their people pointed us here for an interesting read about how turn of the century Red Wing used employ dudes called Shoe Dogs to travel the country wearing their famed boots and helped establish the brand as one of America’s finest footwear companies—maybe one of the first viral campaigns in American History? Anyway, head to the Brooks Brother’s store at 901 Broadway from Thursday, October 11 till Sunday, October 14th for the official launch and first offering of the boot. Not in the area, they’re traveling North America, so check out the full schedule after the jump. And if you’re just lazy, the Heritage Boot 4553 will be online starting October 20th.

October 11 – Flatiron, New York City

October 19 – Royal Bank, Toronto, ON

October 20 – Bloor Street, Toronto, ON

October 20 – Georgetown, Washington, DC

October 20 – Maple Grove, MN

November 10 – Newbury Street, Boston, MA

November 16 – Princeton, NJ

November 17 – Durham, NC