WATCH: A Supercut of Every Suit Neil Patrick Harris Wore on That CBS Show


If you’ve been out in the real world enjoying the first chirps of Spring, you likely—and good for you—missed the heated social media debates about Monday’s How I Met Your Mother series finale. Television shows are not people, so losing them shouldn’t be that hard, but some people (like Lindsay Lohan) have a harder time coping with false reality. If you’re like me, you’ve never bothered to watch a single of the 208 episodes, making the continual discourse a bit humdrum…

Still, anyone with a love for A) How I Met Your Mother, B) Neil Patrick Harris, or C) the art of the supercut, can appreciate this video of every suit that Harris’ character Barney Stinson ever wore:


“I sure do love wearing amazing suits all of the time,” Harris told CBS.

Images courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Television.