A Celebrity Certified Mid-Summer Workout

The summer season is officially here and things are heating up fast. So if you’ve found yourself lying to your Nike+ apps or regretfully ditching your FitBit, don’t worry, we’ve asked Hollywood’s hottest trainers for some timely advice to get your mid-summer body into the best shape possible. With more beach time on the horizon and even less to get ready, here are all the tips you need to run, lift, eat, and motivate yourself to that perfect, A-lister summer physique.

Image: Justin Gelband.

Q: For someone just starting out, where in the gym would be a good place to begin?

“Cardio, but something that you enjoy. Go for a bike ride, a hike—anything that gets your heart rate up.”– Justin Gelband, nationally certified instructor with a client list that includes Josh Duhamel and Karlie Kloss.